The Dream of a Billion

Social media has put unknowns on the map. A cricket-crazy nation like India is now actively following and supporting its athletes in a variety of other sports. Private leagues, endorsements, and the trend of biopics have poured a lot of money into the sporting industry, with the athletes being the monetary beneficiaries. Gone are the days when parents wanted their children to become lawyers, doctors, or engineers. More children want to be the next Kohli, the next Bindra, or the next Sindhu. Has professionalizing and commercializing athletic branding encouraged more people to get involved? For a society that is motivated by financial success, has the infusion of money made sports a realistic career choice for children to pursue?


We further look into sports administration, where India has a dismal record. Corruption is rampant and has led to many an embarrassing situations for the entire nation. But most unfortunately, the athlete suffers the most as a consequence. The current Sports Minister is a former Olympian. It is believed he will be effective because of his experience, over everything else. Should those who have suffered the system now get involved in cleaning it up? Are retired athletes turning into sports administrators the answer to our problems?

Sunil Gavaskar
Former Cricketer &
Boria Majumdar
Renowned Cricket Commentator, Writer, and Historian
Jhulan Goswami
Former Indian Women’s Cricket Captain
Gaurav Bahirvani
CEO of Dunamis Sports and Entertainment Co.
Isa Guha
Former English Cricketer and Commentator 


Aakash Chopra
Former Cricketer &
Rajneesh Chopra
Former Cricketer & Promoter, Dunamis Sportainment
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