Somewhere between religious agendas and vote bank politics, the contemporary political stage in India has largely ignored the key policy challenges that our country faces. This year, the LSE India Forum is introducing the ‘Development and Policy’ panel that aims to explore the most pressing development issues facing India. With a young and growing population, India needs to urgently focus on creating policies that promote inclusive growth and prepares the future generations for the increasingly global and automated economy. How can we reduce widespread teacher absenteeism and improve the quality of public education? What policies can help reshape our public healthcare system and decrease levels of malnutrition? Can UBI be the magic pill for poverty alleviation? These are some of the questions we hope to bring under the spotlight at LIF 2020.


Yashveer Singh
Director the Youth Venture Program, Ashoka (South Asia)
Shaheen Mistri
CEO, Teach for India
Deepa Dasmunsi
Former Union Minister of State for Urban Development


Dr Ruth Kattumuri
Co-Director, LSE India Observatory
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